Other Professional Services

Early Intervention

Our OT and PT early intervention services and supports are designed to help young children who have developmental delays and their families as a part of an EI team that serves them. We strive to help eligible infants and toddlers who are behind on reaching developmental milestones to gain the abilities they need to grow and thrive as part of their family. Areas in which our EI services focus include physical skills (reaching, crawling, walking, drawing, building); self-help or adaptive skills (eating, dressing); and social or emotional skills (playing, interacting with others). We provide EI services to children from birth to age 3 years in their home, at a center based program or at a community location. We work in collaboration with children, families and the greater EI teams that serve them.

Developmental Disabilities Services

Our OT, PT and SLP teams help individuals who have developmental and other disabilities live full and meaningful lives at home, at work, and in their communities. We provide DD services that encompass all aspects of adult life, and strive with our services to enhance individuals in the following areas: support to families or care providers, integrate support, advocacy, self engagement, safety and security, healthy living, daily life, employment, recreation, and community living.

Jon Peterson/Autism Scholarship Services

Our OT, PT and SLP teams provide individual services to children whose families access services for them through the JPS or AS programs. Our services focus on helping each child gain the abilities they need to be successful in their educational, recreational, vocational, and life pursuits, appropriate for the age and service location for each child . Our scholarship services can be provided in a location that fits the needs of each child and their education program including at home, in a clinic setting, in community areas or in an alternative school program.

Adaptive Equipment Consultation

Our OT, PT and SLP teams work with teams to help address the assistive technology needs of the individuals we serve to help them be more successful in completing daily tasks and accessing their home and community, and improve their quality of life. Our AT services offer consultation and collaboration about AT and other strategies to help an individual gain greater functional independence in their lives. We work with an individual’s team to consider potential assistive technology needs; provide information needed for a trial or acquisition of assistive technology devices; assist in the selection, design, fitting, customization, adaptation, application, or replacement of devices; integrate AT in daily activities; and provide training and technical assistance about AT use.

Independent Educational Evaluation

Our OT, PT, SLP and other professional service teams provide individualized testing to support children’s educational journey, especially when families are seeking private testing to augment information gleaned through special education testing by public schools. We offer comprehensive testing in the areas of physical fitness, mobility skills, motor function, safety, communication, language, self-help skills, handwriting and other learning tasks, academic function, cognitive abilities, social-emotional regulation, sensory processing, articulation, phonological processing, social language, and other areas applicable to child development. These evaluative services are often at the expense of the public school district.

Home Modification Evaluation

Our OT and PT teams provide comprehensive home modification assessments tailored to the unique needs of each child or individual, their family and their home setting. Our teams address home access and maneuverability, safety hazards across home locations, functional task completion, ease of task performance, and other elements essential to living at home. Our teams provide a comprehensive list of recommendations specific to the individual home needs, and can assist with the process of pursuing home modifications and adaptive equipment.