In 1996, Wendy (Campbell) Kelley  began serving children with developmental and physical challenges for three public schools in Medina county as a pediatric physical therapist. From these early beginnings, ABC Therapy was founded, and broadened its scope of services to include occupational and speech therapy, as well as other educational and developmental supports. Through the decades, ABC Therapy has expanded its endeavors to provide quality therapy services for individuals of all ages with differing abilities in their homes, schools and communities. At this time, ABC Therapy offers a wider variety of occupational, physical and speech therapy and other services to public school districts, other educational programs, and early intervention and adult developmental disability programs across northeast Ohio. ABC Therapy strives for the education of all children and the inclusion of all individuals regardless of their abilities in school, work, life and community pursuits. We desire to help enrich the lives of individuals with differing abilities and their families, to help them pursue their interests in whatever they choose to do, and to help them use their unique gifts and tablets for the betterment of all of us. We partner with local and national providers of services for individuals with differing abilities through their lifetime to contribute to equitable opportunities for all, and have extended our outreach by partnering with organizations serving individuals with disabilities in Haiti and Belize.

Who We Are/ What We Stand For 

We are a team of skilled and dedicated professionals – occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and speech and language pathologists – who provide comprehensive and skilled pediatric, educational and alternative therapy services to individuals who have a variety of differing abilities throughout their lifetime. 

As a team of service minded professionals, we are dedicated to helping to meet the holistic needs of the individuals we serve, striving to serve the whole person; focusing on their strengths, unique abilities, interests, talents and passions; and helping them achieve their dreams.

Our areas of professional expertise include interventions for behavior support, trauma informed services, physical fitness and conditioning, sensory motor integration, vision and visual perception abilities, neurodevelopmental treatment, assistive technology and adaptive equipment use, play based services, early intervention, rehabilitation, and movement based curricular programming. 

Mission – Activity, Balance, Creativity

Building Skills for Life… Is the guiding premise of our eclectic developmental, educational and therapeutic services approach. It requires us to focus our services around each of the hallmarks of life. Activity, the ability to move, to do, to choose for ourselves. Balance, a sense of being, of mind, body and spirit. Creativity, the unique passions, gifts and talents that are within each of us. It ensures that we look beyond the immediate challenges a child or other individual may be experiencing, and see the potential within and the greater picture of their life.


  • To be the leading provider of high quality, skilled, eclectic and comprehensive occupational, physical and speech therapy and alternative services to individuals with developmental, educational or other challenges throughout their lifetime
  • To inspire others with the passion to holistically, comprehensively and eclectically serve individuals with developmental, educational or other challenges, and serve them well
  • To partner with others and other organizations to provide quality community, recreational, fitness and other life activities for individuals who have developmental, physical or other challenges throughout their lifetime
  • To promote the revitalization of education to a system that recognizes the unique talents and abilities of each individual, that embraces the inclusion and education of all children equitably, that collectively encourages children to learn differently and in ways that encourage their learning, and that ensures the same opportunities for learning for all children in a school free of barriers, biases and segregation

Our Core Values


We are enthusiastic about our partnerships with a variety of local, national and international agencies providing to individuals who have a variety of educational, developmental and other challenges services and other opportunities for inclusive activity participation and enrichment of the lives of all of us. It is through these strategic partnerships and ongoing work with similarly dedicated agencies that equitable opportunities toward full inclusion in the community for those with differing abilities is truly attainable. It is an honor and a privilege to serve alongside these local, national and global agencies.