Building Skills for Life…

Is the guiding premise of our eclectic developmental, educational and therapeutic services approach. It requires us to focus our services around each of the hallmarks of life.

Activity, the ability to move, to do, to choose for ourselves.

Balance, a sense of being, of mind, body and spirit.

Creativity, the unique passions, gifts and talents that are within each of us. It ensures that we look beyond the immediate challenges a child or other individual may be experiencing, and see the potential within and the greater picture of their life.

Our Therapy Services

Holistically helping to prepare children for adulthood and helping individuals be more successful in their adult pursuits is a hallmark of our therapy services. Such preparation is about much more than promoting good functional outcomes and progress at school or in life. It also involves helping them experience abundant lives. Helping each to find a place of purpose, friendship, and belonging, which is foundational to what helps all of us, especially when younger, to thrive in schooling and beyond. As therapy service providers, we are in a unique position to help support educators and families to empower children to move from isolation to participation, and exclusion to inclusion.

Dynamic Therapy Services provides comprehensive occupational, physical, and speech language therapy for individuals, focusing on enhancing skills related to their daily activities. Their specialized teams work with children, fostering communication, mobility, and independence, both in educational settings and daily life, ensuring holistic development and improved quality of life.

Educational/School Services emphasizes a Whole Child approach, valuing every child’s unique strengths and fostering holistic development. Services focus on inclusive classroom experiences, integrating therapy naturally, and enhancing learning for all children. Support includes paraprofessional assistance, diverse professional development, and assistive technology consultations, aiming to promote inclusive education and empower students with tailored strategies for success and well-being.

Our professional services offers early intervention for infants and toddlers with developmental delays, focusing on physical, self-help, and social skills. They provide developmental disability services for individuals, supporting aspects of daily life, employment, and community living. We also offer specialized services for children in educational and vocational pursuits.

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