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ABC aims to provide you with all the help that we can offer. Below are links to resources about education, legal rights, recreation and general topics that we have found to be helpful. We will continue to add more informational links as we find them.

Getting Started

Here is some of the foundational information, advice and links that can to help you as you begin your journey.

  • This .pdf is a terrific and pragmatic reference! It includes specific signs to watch for, how to record them – including examples – possible diagnoses and what they refer to. It even discusses the questions that children might have. You can read it online or download and print it here.
  • This Center for Parent Information’s article, is a great place to start the process of diagnosing. It covers the basics of the evaluation process, eligibility, your rights to participate, next steps and the IEP.
  • Preguntas Comunes de los Padres sobre la Educación Especial, en español.
  • Questions to ask a therapist – These questions are from the accrediting site for occupational therapists.
  • Twenty-two Questions – This article from Hot Chalk Education Network asks and answers 22 questions that teachers, parents and guardians should ask about special education.

For Friends, Family & Support Groups

  • A Guide for Speaking to Parents of Challenged Children. It can be difficult sometimes to find the right words to say when broaching a subject that might be painful. Most people will welcome the effort, but let them be the guide as to how much they wish to share. Here is a thoughtful, church based approach to offering your support.
  • Sesame Street & Autism – Offers wide ranging print and video information for parents, siblings and friends of children with autism. Free tools to help with daily activities, opportunity to share stories and pictures.
  • Autism on the Seas – An organization partnered with Royal Caribbean that accommodates adults and families living with children with Special Needs.

Autism Information & Resources:

  • Local support and information is available through the Autism Society of Greater Akron, at Join a group, find events, get help.
  • Autism Society – Increase public awareness about day to day issues, advocate for appropriate services for individuals of all ages, provides latest information on treatment options.
  • Autism Resources for Families – Free parent resources to support and assist with decisions about treatment options for their child, help loved ones with ASD to live effectively in home, school and community settings.
  • Reduce the Noise – Provides information on what sensory overload is, who gets it, what it feels like, signs in children and related coping skills.
  • Sesame Street and Autism – Offers wide ranging print and video information for parents, siblings and friends of children with autism. Free tools to help with daily activities, opportunity to share stories and pictures.
  • Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

Help & Info For Other Diagnoses

  • Cerebral Palsy Treatment – Easy to use and informative website that provides wide ranging informational support families, various treatment methods, finding a doctor, legal assistance, local organizations and ideas to obtain financial assistance.
  • Eye Can Learn – Information about visual perception and processing challenges.
  • National Multiple Scerlosis Society – Information on Multiple Scerlosis, description of what it is, getting diagnosed and treatment.

Local, Regional & Statewide Resources:

  • Zane’s Foundation – Offers services and annual grants to people with special needs in North-East Ohio.
  • SHC The Arc of Medina County – Provides residential, respite, summer residential/day camp services. Residential and in-home services, assistance with living a quality life in a chosen community.
  • Cleveland Sight Center – Offers programs and services that are designed to enhance the independence, education, career and support opportunities for those with vision loss and their caregivers.
  • Easter Seals Northern Ohio – Provides children’s services, camping and recreation including camperships, autism services, free access to online screening tools to identify developmental delay in preschool age children.
  • Medina Creative Housing – Their mission is to develop quality housing, services and supports to enable individuals with disabilities to live their lives with dignity and opportunity.
  • Wishes Can Happen, Inc.  – Grants wishes to children ages 3-21 with life threatening illnesses in Ohio ranging from: Disney Trips, dude ranches, golf in Hawaii and home remodeling.
  • Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities. This site provides lot’s of definitions and lists of Ohio resources. Serving the entire state. Email Martha Lause at, or call (844) 382-5452. They are located in Marion, Ohio.
  • Ohio Department of Education – In addition to the standard capabilities of this site (view school report cards, career options, guide from preschool to high school) this page offers stae information regarding special needs.

Links for School & Home Education:

  • – Tons of free resources for teaching and playing, like these printable worksheets!
  • Zensational Kids – A refreshing, optimistic and wholistic approach! Yoga, breathing and focusing techniques to help with all aspects of health.
  • Brain Neuroscience  – Teen to adult. Some interesting facts about our brains and how they work.
  • Math Site – Age & grade leveled math exercises.
  • – Teaching resources such as books, brochures and ideas for teachers, parents and guardians.
  • Q&A for Gen-Ed Teachers – Tips on how to maximize the classroom experience for children with special needs.
  • This article from Home City Real Estate helps details home modifications you can make to transform your home into a place where your child is safe, comfortable and thriving.
  • This article from Teacher Vision provides curriculum strategies and classroom management tools for students with different learning needs.

Physical Activity & Recreation:

Local, Regional & Statewide:

Out of State:

Links For & About Therapy

Links For Therapists

  • Task Oriented Movement Program (TOMT) – Provides early intervention PTs and OTs with both theory and practical ideas for implementing evidence based, task oriented movement therapy.
  • Wired On Development – A place for therapists to explore excellence in the field of neuromotor development and childhood disability.
  • Your Kid’s Table – Owned by a Pediatric OT mother, this website provides solutions to all things feeding and sensory.

Miscellaneous Links