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Are you looking for ways to integrate a therapy program into your school? ABC Therapy has clinical expertise that includes school based services based on curricular programming.

Getting Started with ABC Therapy, Ltd.

ABC Therapy, Ltd. is comprised of a team of caring professionals dedicated to serving the whole student while focusing on their strengths.
Our staff has clinical expertise that includes school based services, athletic training, physical fitness and conditioning, sensory motor intervention, neurodevelopmental treatment, assistive technology, play based services, art therapy, neurological rehabilitation, and movement based curricular programming.

Our Founder has 30 years therapy experience specializing in pediatric assistive technology, school based and alternative therapy services. She has worked with people from birth through adulthood with varying developmental and other differing abilities. She has dedicated her career to meeting the universal needs of these individuals and their families, not only for their school years, but for life.

ABC Therapy, Ltd. believes that a complete approach to treating each stu­dent individually, while maximizing their participation, and promoting life skills is essential. We are passionate professionals who ad­dress the holistic needs of the individuals we serve, incorporating their social, emotional and physical needs into their treatment. We strive for a team approach with all of the agencies serving each individual, including their families, to focus on optimization of daily functional abilities of the individual, across all settings.

Our services include: