Physical Therapists

Wendy Campbell DPT, PCS

Wendy is a pediatric physical therapist predominantly providing skilled and comprehensive school-based physical therapy services to students in public school districts in Medina and Summit counties. She has been serving as a physical therapist for nearly 30 years and has worked with individuals with a variety of developmental disabilities from birth through adulthood in a variety of settings for the majority of that time. She holds specialty certification and credentialing in assistive technology/adaptive equipment, Neurodevelopmental treatment, a mobility curriculum program, the Interactive Metronome program and pediatric physical therapy, all which benefit individuals with developmental disabilities. Wendy founded ABC Therapy, Ltd. to further expand quality therapy service delivery to area school districts.

Courtney Knox, DPT

Courtney decided to become a therapist when she worked with 2 children with autism during a summer job after high school and saw how it could help them.

Linda Evans, PTA

Linda graduated in 2007 as a Physical Therapist Assistant and worked at ABC Therapy about 3 years ago. She rejoins us after working in the healthcare industry and has also been an aerobics instructor as she has always been interested in health and wellness. She strives to provide empowerment through patient and family education, community outreach and advocacy.

Kerri Orzech, PTA

Kerri has been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for 17 years working in the outpatient setting with a variety of ages for 13 of those years. She has been working with children in the school setting for the last two years and enjoys making a difference in the lives of the students.

Mary LaGuardia, PTA

Mary has been a Physical Therapist Assistant for the past five years on working at the schools. She has experience serving children with a variety of developmental disabilities, in a preschool setting as a classroom assistant, prior to being licensed as a PTA.

Denise Connelly, PTA

Denise has 17 years of experience serving as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings addressing long term care needs for the past 4 years. She enjoys her work in the school setting because of the positive outcomes physical therapy services can have for the children we serve.

Jill Miller, PTA

Jill has 6 years of experience as an athletic trainer, before becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant for ABC over 6 years ago. She has been serving individuals who have musculoskeletal injuries as well as those who have special needs.

Gretchen Delac, MSPT

Gretchen graduated in 1997 from Arcadia University with a Master’s in Physical Therapy after earning a Bachelor’s in pre-professional Zoology and Chemistry from Ohio Weslyan. She recently joined the ABC Therapy team part time because she loves working with children and already knew about half of our staff. She loves helping people and children especially.

Elizabeth King, DPT

Elizabeth graduated in 2013 from Gannon University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy after earning a Bachelor’s in Sport and Exercise Science. She joined ABC Therapy that same year because she enjoys working with children. Liz enjoys being able to help children to participate with their peers and gain independence both at school and in the community.

Kate O’Cull, MPT

Kate has been practicing Physical Therapy for 16 years treating a wide population, from infants to the elderly, in both outpatient and home care settings, prior to focusing on school based services. She enjoys working in the schools with a team approach to maximizing a child’s learning potential and educational experience.